Jeev Moksha Yoga Gurukul - Yoga Retreat Program

The modern lifestyle often tends to push us towards the spectrum of stress related issues and an imbalance can be created within the systems of body & mind. Most of us go through such situations in life every now & then when we seek a dose of recharge for ourselves while reconnecting with our own essence. Yoga appears to be one of the methods for such a transformation. The comprehensive philosophy of life that it offers brings us to certain realizations which are uplifting and life changing. Yoga practices as well as yogic lifestyle is the most suitable antidote to all the effects caused by stressful living.

Jeevmoksha Yoga Gurukul

Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh

At jeevmoksha yoga gurukul we have curated a unique yoga lifestyle retreat in Rishikesh to achieve that rejuvenation that we all seek. This retreat program is a composite of various yogic practices to counter the errors in lifestyles and provide yogic intervention for a transformational experience. This 2 weeks yoga retreat is based on the ancient sciences of well being while bringing forth a spiritual outlook towards everything we do in our lives. You will be living a traditional holistic environment enjoying all that yoga has to offer in terms of restoration of harmony in body & mind and realizing the potential in yourself towards better health and balance.

This yoga retreat program in Rishikesh focuses on 3 main principles of Yoga.

  • Purification – The process in which there is a removal of toxins, impurities or blockages
  • Relaxation – the process of relaxing the body and mind by withdrawing them from the constant stimulation received from outside sources.
  • Harmonization – The process of establishing coordination between various systems which enables them to work in a balance and harmony.

You will go through a routine of asanas, pranayamas, meditations, satsangs, spiritual discourses and guidance, mantras, sound healing, and nature therapies to flush out the toxic substances and obtain lightness and purity within. This purity will help you to turn inwards and have a better understanding of yourself irrespective of any external inputs being imposed on the intellect. When this understanding develops, you will have a new spiritual outlook towards yourself and everybody else. Appreciation of your existence will dawn in and transformation will be achieved.

Upcoming 2 Week Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh

Dates Private Shared Book Your Seat
1st JAN 2023 to 14th JAN 2023 $1000 $800 Register
1st FEB 2023 to 14th FEB 2023 $1000 $800 Register
1st MAR 2023 to 14th MAR 2023 $1000 $800 Register
1st APR 2023 to 14th APR 2023 $1000 $800 Register
1st MAY 2023 to 14th MAY 2023 $1000 $800 Register
1st JUN 2023 to 14th JUN 2023 $1000 $800 Register
1st JUL 2023 to 14th JUL 2023 $1000 $800 Register
1st AUG 2023 to 14th AUG 2023 $1000 $800 Register
1st SEP 2023 to 14th SEP 2023 $1000 $800 Register
1st OCT 2023 to 14th OCT 2023 $1000 $800 Register

Accommodation & food

Meals at Gurukul

We prepare our meals with immense love and understanding of the nutritional requirements. The food you will eat will be essentially prepared according to the routine you will follow. We get our supplies of fresh vegetable and fruits direct from local farms which are purely organic and chemical free. We make sure that our edibles are cooked without any processed items and everything is nourishing to the body, mind and soul. There is a good combination of grains, cereals, pulses, lentils, legumes, beans, vegetables, salads, rice and local delicacies on our plates. You will definitely love the experience once you are here!


the rooms are clean and airy with a panoramic view of Ganga and Himalayas in the vicinity. They come with attached baths and basic amenities of bed, chair necessary sleeping materials. There is enough space inside and outside with open balconies to spend your free time in self contemplation or in soulful discussion with fellow students and your mentors.


Gurukul is situated in the suburban area of Rishikesh, not being disturbed by any traffic noises. However you will find a lot of cows and dogs around. The connectivity to the town is proper as you can avail the rickshaw (tuk tuk) service easily on just a phone call.

Yoga lifestyle retreat inclusions

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