500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

JeevMoksha Yoga Gurkul also offers 500 hour yoga teacher training which is duly accredited by the Yoga Alliance. This certification makes you eligible to be registered as a Registered Yoga Teacher RYT 500. And if you decide to teach after completion of this course, you can upgrade yourself to an E-RYT 500, upon fulfillment of certain hours of teaching. The certificate of 500 hours Yoga teacher training validates your successful completion of the 500 hours of yoga training in a residential setup.

When it comes to Yoga, the most important part is practice. Your practice determines your achievements and success. 500 hours Yoga ttc in Rishikesh provides you with an opportunity to be involved in an extended period of practice of Yoga by spending 7+ weeks of time working on yourself. In this time you will be working on your body, breath, mind and heart to dive deep into the Yoga discipline and transform. You will create a strong will power, a resilient mind, more deep breathing and a supple and strong body after completion of this course.

The idea of freedom is inherited in Yoga. Freedom from inconsisteny, energy consuming habits, fixations and limitations. As a student of our 500 hours yoga teacher training in india, you will break free of all these factors and explore a new dimension of yourself while enjoying the transition at the same time. Yoga promises us a complete rejuvenation of our personalities and that’s what this program is all about. A complete physical, mental and spiritual transformation lifestyle is waiting for you. Don’t delay any more..

What makes JeevMoksha Yoga different from the rest.

We will take the opportunity of putting our school and tradition above the bar without any sense of ego or boast. Jeevmoksha yoga is not just any yoga school, rather a vision of a Yogi who carries a calling in his heart to share this sacred ancient art of wellbeing with all the humanity. The teachings and courses are crafter in a very perosanalised manner after years of contemplation and they aim to give you a realtime yoga experience. Rishikesh is an ancient land of Rishis and Yogis who spent their lives here while finding the deeper truths of life. And when they realized they yearn on sharing it with the world. Thus this city has been a center of attraction for thousands of people from time unknown. Those who wish to delve into the sacred tradition of Yoga, JeevMoksha is the place to be.

Right next to the holy river Ganga, our Yoga Ashram in Rishikesh is set away from all the chaotic and touristic crowds, nestled in peace and calm. This setting gives students the perfect getaway to a spiritual home that will host them and take care of their growth on all the planes. JeevMoksha is a family where you become a part of global companionship and community. The ambience of the ashram will definetly make you feel surrounded by divine energy of ganga and mighty Himalayas.

Upcoming 500 Hour Yoga TTC in Rishikesh

Dates Private Shared Book Your Seat
1st March to 28th April 2023 $2299 $1999 Register
1st May to 28th June 2023 $2299 $1999 Register
1st July to 28th August 2023 $2299 $1999 Register
1st Sept to 28th October 2023 $2299 $1999 Register

Rishikesh - The Yoga Capital Of India

JeevMoksha Yoga Grukul is situated in the city of Rishikesh on the banks of holy rive Ganga in the foothills of mighty Himalayas. The gurukul is a home of yoga where students come and get grounded while focusing their time and energies on learning and practisiing. This setting give maximum benefits out of the curriculum which is followed. The atmosphere is charged with strong vibrations of energy which you can feel once you have settled into the culture and atmosphere. India can be overwhelming experience for most, but once you settle she will embrace you with love and care. And this is the Mantra we follow at JeevMoksha Yoga.

Our teachers are the best in their respective fields thereby giving you complete exposure of all the possible subjects and topics. One of the many advantages of being at jeevmoksha is that you will encounter not just teachers but yogis who have dedicated their lives in researching the details of yoga as a discipline.

Accommodation & food

The options of shared or private accommodation is available at the Gurukul. Rooms are clean, pure, ventilated and with a scintillating view of Mother Ganga. Wifi is readily available all over the property. You have all the basic amenities available on campus. Fresh water dispensers, laundry machine, room closets.

Rooms are non a/c. there is no provision for air conditioning at the gurukul.

  • Wifi access
  • Hot and cold water running
  • Attached toilet & bath in each room
  • Cctv
  • Inhouse manager
  • Well equipped library

Meals at Gurukul

Meals served are sattvic and purely vegetarian. There is a combination of vegetables, lentils, grams, salads, rice, chapattis, sprouts, fresh fruits, porridges juices and smoothies. The individual food choices are also kept in consideration when it comes to gluten free and vegan options. But please make sure you inform about your preferences and allergies in advance for us to make the necessary arrangements in time.

Why Join jeevmoksha

Jeevmoksha yoga gurukul is a premier institute of yoga. Located in Himalayan foothills of Shivalik range, Jeevmoksha is a serene and calm study point where students can indulge into a spiritual affair with themselves taking out time from the pace of modern life and taking time to look deep within themselves. The surroundings are rich in nature with lots of green providing enough oxygen to cater the needs of body and enough Pran to fulfill the requirements of energy. Jeevmoksha works along the lines of traditional yoga while also paying equal attention to the contemporary lifestyles and conditions. Our yoga classes are a fine blend of physical, energetic and mental techniques to carve out a complete set of practice for a being as a whole. Gurukul offers intensive yoga teacher training courses thereby enabling students to draw their own scales of self practice and development. Gurukul operates in an ashram environment which includes a dedicated space for yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh itself and giving a wide range of knowledge on ancient systems of self healing and well being. Yoga, Ayurveda, Nature cure and other systems of actual health are combined together in our education programs so as to enable more and more people to understand them and share them in their own communities. This virtue makes Jeevmoksha a unique spot for the study of Yoga in India.

500 Hour Yoga TTC Inclusions

Explore a whole new world of knowledge and wisdom

500 hours yoga teacher training is a intense and immersive yoga program offered by JeevMoksha Yoga Gurukul. You will be covering all the topics from 200 + 300 hours levels thereby completing the entire 500 hour curriculum. You can finish the course in one stretch all together of 2 months or decide to choose for 200 hours first and then complete the 300 hours to obtain a 500 hours yoga alliance certification.

What makes this course special?

Yoga teacher training Ethics
  • Sattvic lifestyle has to be followed throughout the course period with no intoxications or fancy meals allowed.
  • In order to ensure a firm progress, student must attend all the sessions without fail.
  • Friends or relatives are not allowed in the course timings unless they are registered for the course.
  • The accommodation provided will be simple & basic in nature with one room with attached toilets and the meals served will also be plain and sattvic in composition.
  • For any grievances please contact the course coordinator.
  • The candidature is subject to cancellation at any time during the course in the event of misbehavior or non compliance with the code of conduct by the student at the discretion of the Jeevmoksha administration

The fee once paid is non refundable. However the amount paid can be adjusted to any further date within one year from the date of enrollment, under the circumstances of student not being able to appear for the course enrolled. The information has to be provided to the institute administration beforehand and decision lies solely with Jeevmoksha administration towards transferring the fee to a further date, after careful consideration of the applicant’s reason for not attending the course.


JeevMoksha yoga gurukul strictly condemns any kind of harassment in any form. We have strict rules and policies for dealing with any misconduct in the organization.


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