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Jeevmoksha yoga gurukul is conducting 200 hours hatha yoga teacher training courses,

certified by yoga alliance, in Rishikesh India and Koh Kud Thailand.
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Yoga Alliance certified Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India

200 Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training200 hours hatha yoga teacher training course complying with the yoga alliance (USA) standards at Jeevmoksha yoga gurukul, a traditional yoga school situated in Rishikesh, Himalayas, India. Courses at Jeevmoksha gurukul are intense and provide ample opportunity for all to be established into a yogic lifestyle and acquire necessary skills to teach yoga on beginner as well as advanced levels. Students are provided with an opportunity to take an active step in improving their health and learning more about yoga, nutrition, holistic lifestyle, mantras, life philosophy through live discourses and lectures and a preview of the ancient culture of the region, which is extremely helpful in making their teaching alive and meaningful.

Whether a beginner or experienced practitioner, every student at gurukul is able to find a soulful retreat in their study and practice in a serene atmosphere in the middle of nature, mountains and river.

Yoga Alliance 200 Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh, India

Jeevmoksha yoga gurukul offers 200 hours of intensive hatha yoga teacher training program in compliance with the standards of Yoga Alliance (USA), which has set the guidelines for conducting the yoga teacher training courses through registered yoga schools (RYS) as per its curriculum. The idea and intention of this course is to provide elementary yoga education to the students registering for the course for making them eligible academically to take on yoga teaching as a career option. Although yoga is a process of continuous learning and experiencing, this course forms a paradigm for beginning to live and think yogically and to walk ahead on the aisle of happiness and profundity. Students are constantly encouraged to experience the concepts of traditional yoga through a progressive pattern of studying hatha yoga via an integrated formula of “do it and feel it”. The course is not just about training into some physical feats, rather enriching the lives of all with this science of life called Yoga.

Why Join Yoga Teacher Training at Jeevmoksha Yoga Institute

There are many choices in Rishikesh for yoga yet we can give you a few simple reasons to be at Jeevmoksha yoga gurukul.

  • Limited batch sizes for maximum teacher-student interaction.
  • A traditional approach of study which is based upon the values of devotion, compassion, understanding, proper reasoning, discipline and dharma.
  • Having a scientific insight into the ancient practices related to transformational potential of yoga science.
  • Getting immersed into a yogic environment with discourses, mantra chants, bhajans, kirtans and satsangs.
  • For having a feeling of being “at home”.
  • Developing a connection with the self through silent and guided meditations.
  • To be able to discuss freely your personal aspirations and limitations on the yogic path with experts.
  • Structured approach towards learning yoga as a discipline and lifestyle.
  • Learning yoga at its source.
  • For live class teaching hours and understanding the dynamics of teaching deeply in additional hours then course study.
  • An affordable cost (USD 1350) which covers all the cost of food, accommodation and training.
  • An internationally recognized certificate of training in the world capital of yoga itself.
  • Being able to teach at beginners and advanced levels.


200-Hour Standards for Yoga Teacher TrainingsJeevmoksha yoga gurukul is an accredited institute for conducting Yoga teacher training course in India, by the Govt. of India and is also in compliance with the Yoga Alliance (USA) standards set of Yoga schools and Yoga teachers. Jeevmoksha fulfills the requirements of a registered Yoga School (RYS) as per the Yoga alliance standards and is a reputed institute offering yoga courses and yoga teacher training courses in rishikesh under the guidance Acharya Vinay who is a registered experienced yoga teacher (ERYT) as per the yoga alliance standards. Jeevmoksha is formed under the umbrella of Jeevmokshayatan yoga organization, a non profit organization formed specifically for the educational purpose under the registration act of Govt. of India of 1858.This registration empowers the organization to conduct various courses on yoga, Ayurveda and alternative forms of well being in an organized and structured format for the betterment of all.

200 hours yoga alliance certification – RYT 200 2015 and 2016

Dates Fee Seats Status
9th November 2015 to 7th December 2015 $1350 10 Left Registration Open
14th December 2015 to 12th January 2016 $1350 15 Left Registration Open
1st February 2016 to 1st March 2016 $1350 10 Left Registration Open
7th March 2016 to 5th April 2016 $1350 9 Left Registration Open
11th April 2016 to 10th May 2016 $1350 12 Left Registration Open